Mobile Strike Hack

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Brief History and Description of Mobile Strike

Thanks to the best team of programmers from Machine Zone Inc. in July 11, 2015 Mobile Strike was recognized as one of the most advanced, merely perfect MMO strategy games. We are sure that most all strategy-game players already have heard of Machine Zone and Mobile Strike. In 2016, the company was rebranded in MZ, but anyway, back in time “Machine Zone” has created another MMO strategy game which has become one of the most famous mobile games. The game was named Game of War: Fire Age. With great pleasure we can mention the great achievement of Game of War: Fire Age. In the summer of 2013 this game was the top grossing game in the world. With that being said we can also say that “MZ” has been a successful company from the beginning of its existence.

Certificate of Merit should be granted to the famous movie actor, body builder and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The main character in the game Mobile Strike is commander Arnold Schwarzenegger. That is one of the main reasons why this game becomes more and more popular.

The name reminds us that Mobile Strike is a mobile game. This is a true fact. For now, this strategy game can be played only on iOS and Android mobile platforms.  The game is similar to many other mobile strategy games, but keep in mind that there are millions of mobile strategy games in the world today, so people must know that Mobile Strike is one of the most sophisticated games of this kind. Especially with its graphic, the game has exceeded the expectations of other game development companies; despite the fact that this game is much advanced than the other mobile strategy games. We should emphasize that Mobile Strike is characterized by really hard game-play.  This is good to know before you decide to play it; however, we will show you how to play this game properly by monitoring the best strategy. Also, we will provide you access to the only-working Mobile Strike Hack which will allow you to increase the main resource (Gold) in the game.

How to become the best in Mobile Strike?

This is the most asked question.  There is no real answer for that, because becoming the best player in Mobile Strike is absolutely something that is up to you. We will provide you with the best guide of how to play this game properly. We don’t guarantee that you will become the best player, but we can guarantee that if you follow our guide with the combination of the Mobile Strike Hack, you will become a very good player. Maybe you’ve already heard about this toll, maybe you have no idea what it is, but whichever one applies to you in the next paragraph we will explain what the Mobile Strike Hack Toll is, how to use it, and how it works.

What is Mobile Strike Hack?

Imagine, how you would progress in the game if you have unlimited gold at the beginning and at all times during the game. Yes, we know what you are thinking, that be the greatest thing that could happen to you. So, Mobile Strike Hack is an online generator toll which helps you to increase the main resource (Gold) in the game. Now you’re thinking that this is something that will cost you hundreds of dollars, but you are wrong. We will provide you access to this amazing generator tool without it costing you anything. This means the use of Mobile Strike Hack Generator is a completely free service and you can use it right now.

Instructions for Using Mobile Strike Hack Generator:

1.  Click on the Hack Generator button to access it

2. Insert your Username properly.

3. Slide the gold slider to the amount you want to be added to your account.

4. Slide the Vip slider to the amount you want to be added to your account.

5. Click on the Start Button.

6. Wait until hacking process is finished.

7. Restart the game.

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How Mobile Strike Hack works:

This is an online tool where is associated with the game algorithm and also connected with the game server. When you enter your username into the username field in the generator tool, and click on start button, your account will automatically be found in the game server and the amounts of Gold and Vip you want will be sent to your account. So, let’s join the class of best players.

Game Stages:

The whole playing process in Mobile Strike can be separated into several stages. At the beginning of the game you will spend some time researching. Then, you will start to build buildings, upgrade them, and in the last stage you have to join an alliance. Joining an alliance is very important, because you will not be able to make war alone against an alliance. Keep in mind that if you want to play the game properly, this is an unavoidable process you should go through.

There are Two Lessons you Should Learn when You Start to Play Mobile Strike:

– How to increase your speed when building your buildings:

Knowing that there are very powerful players on the game-map, and that you may be faced with one of them at any time. It’s very important to progress in the game as quickly as possible. With that being said you should know that there are three ways to increase your speed of construction and we will explain each of these steps in the guide which is under “download guide” button.

– How to Unlock All Troops and Training Them with Increased Speed:

The second thing you should know is how to unlock all troops and how to training them faster. There are four kinds of troops in Mobile Strike and they are separated in four groups (T1, T2, T3, T4).

  • The first kind troops are named Infantry and they are associated with the group T1. In the group T1 are included (Scouts, Soldiers, Mortars and Patrol Vehicles).
  • The second kind of troops are called Tactical and they are associated with the group T2. In the group T2 are included (Commando, Machine Gunner, Missile Launcher and Armored Vehicle).
  • The third kind troops are called Armored Vehicles and they are associated with the group T3. In the group T3 are included (LAV, Rocket Infantry, Howitzer and Ranger).
  • The forth kind troops are called Artillery and they are associated with the group T4. In the group T4 are included (Deltas, Demolitions, Rocket Artillery and Tanks).

These are all troops in the game. They are necessary, playing properly without one of them would be impossible. As the subtitles say, the most important thing is to learn how to unlock all of these troops, and also how to train all these troops faster.  With clicking on one of the two “download guide” buttons you can learn the best strategy of how to do these things and much more than that.  What is in important is that you have access to all these guides and to mobile strike hack for free.