My Favorite Games

Before you read down below I will state that my favorite game of the moment is GTA or Grand Theft Auto. I have almost completed all the side missions in the game. There is nothing else like a game of this capacity. Another favorite I hate to admit is Fortnite. Yes, I have jumped on that bandwagon and go into the game. It has been rated one of the top games of 2017, and now 2018. How could I not be part of a movement that is so great! I mean seriously!


Arnold Eisner

Hi guys, my name is Arnold but my friends call me "A" man. That's because I am the best at everything I do. School, games, girls, wait not really. When playing a game, I have to be the best. I will spend hours and sometimes even an entire weekend figuring out a new game. Playing video games is so exciting and can't be compared to anything else. In real life you can't drive over other cars or have fire blasting fights with your friends. Can you tell I'm a Grand Theft Auto fan? Anyway on this blog I will discuss my favorite games and even some technology here and there. Don't click away there will be more gaming content coming at yah.