Movies in 2019: Reboots and Sequels Dominate the Year

2018 is set to end with strong movies such as Aquaman, Bumblebee and more however 2019 is promising a power list for every movie-goer. The movie in 2019 is a mix of reboots, sequels, 3D animations and a splattering of horror, comedy and the usual superhero movies.

A time for Reboots

Right on top of the reboots comes Dumbo. One of the highly anticipated 2019 movies is one of three Disney movies getting a live-action makeover. With Tim Burton at the helm, anything can happen with this Disney classic live remake. Dumbo joins live remake/reboots Aladdin and The Lion King. Following the reboots are Men in Black, Shaft, Addams Family, Joker and a yet to be titled Terminator Project movie. Fans might also be happy to know there’s a reboot of Charlie’s Angel though some might be disgruntled at not seeing the 2000 film Angels Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz. Finally, Broadway lovers will get to see a movie version of Wicked on the silver screen with a possible twist to make things fresh.


Keeping the Story Alive – Sequels in 2019

New 2019 movies also have a bevy of sequels, having relatively more sequels than 2018. Top of the sequel list is Star Wars IX which has a lot to prove for after Star Wars VIII. Followed by movie-goer favorites Spider-Man: Far from Home, John Wick: Chapter 3 and Kingsman 3. Even children will be happy to know they will be looking forward to a sequel to Frozen, The Angry Birds Movie and How to Train Your Dragon. The sci-fi sequel started by Unbreakable (2000) finally ends with Glass, completing the decade-long story with a lot of mental twists. Completing the list are Jumanji 2 and an untitled Annabelle movie.

What’s Fresh in 2019

Stephen King leads the horror movies with Pet Sematary after his successful IT in 2018. King’s movie is followed by The Curse of La Llorona and Under the Silver Lake. Just a few scary movies in 2019. Fresh movies to look for in 2019 include the much-publicized Captain Marvel and Shazam. Two superhero movies with contrasting themes as Captain Marvel has a darker setting. Compared to a lighter and comedic superhero storyline of Shazam. Fans, of course, have been teased with one trailer of Pokemon Detective Pikachu with Pika voiced by Ryan Reynolds. This movie might be hard to match with other 3D movies in 2019 such as UglyDolls.

Overall, moviegoers are treated to a buffet of highly entertaining vids and even as 2018 ends. More movies might be set to be released in 2019. So, keep your bucket list open for more fun read more at MOBILE STRIKE.