The Best Seasonal Work at Home Jobs

If you have been trying to think of ways that you can make some extra money for the holidays or to fund a trip, a down payment on a car, or if you just want some extra money to put away for a rainy day now is the time of the year you can easily get that extra cash. Businesses are hiring extra seasonal help and that means a big windfall for you. There are plenty of seasonal jobs that you can do from home and many that you can do late at night or very early in the morning because stores and businesses often have extended hours during the holiday season. Most seasonal jobs are from late November through the first couple of weeks in January which means you can earn a nice chunk of extra money with a seasonal job. Here are some of the best seasonal jobs that are work from home jobs:

Customer Service

Sure, it can be difficult sometimes to deal with customers that are angry that a gift didn’t arrive. Sometimes the item they wanted was out of stock. But if you have a lot of patience and phone and computer at home you can make $12 an hour or more doing customer service work at home for retailers during the holidays. Companies like Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and other high-end retailers have plenty of work at home positions for customer service reps who can take orders throughout the holiday season and help customers with returns when Christmas is over. You can apply and get trained online and be ready to start within just a few days.

Credit card companies, airlines, and many other companies are looking for at home customer service. Workers who can work around the clock so you should be able to find plenty of hours when you are available to work.

Online retailers like Amazon also offer customer service jobs where you will chat online with customers. Answer customers through email so if you don’t like working on the phone. That doesn’t have to stop you from getting seasonal customer service work.

Advice Lines

Another fun holiday job to do from home is to work at an advice line. Major food companies, as well as other businesses who sell specialty products and baking and cooking kits. Looking for people who can work at home on the phone answering cooking and baking questions about their products. Since most people don’t make their holiday classic dishes more than once a year. The time comes for those holiday feasts they forget how to make that special pie. Cook a turkey and the advice line help givers are there to answer questions. Provide suggestions, and make sure that home cooks get great results when they are cooking and baking. If you are a home chef or love to bake this would be a great seasonal job for you.

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